Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Urban Development Esthetically Pleasing for SLC

Salt Lake City, and particularly the LDS Church, has been on the offensive for years regarding historical and urban development decisions. From the Hotel Utah restoration to downtown revitalization, city planning has always been debatable and the Church is usually at the heart of the attacks.

The latest construction project is called City Creek Center and includes not only retail shops but offices and residences. The ecological hook of this project seems to be the flowing, though seemingly manufactured, creek through the center of the 20 acres/3 blocks. The concept of open spaces with natural creeks, shrubs, plants and trees surrounding the environment has help to target this construction project as an "exceptional faith-based environmental initiative" by the Sierra Club.

Click below for an artist's 3D rendering of this alluring landscape.

What do you think? I'm ready to take another visit.

Boston Celtic's Success Based on LDS Leadership Principles?

While the article doesn't allude to directly, one can argue that the leadership training Danny Ainge received through his lifelong service in the LDS church has greatly contributed to his management style and possibly his latest success as the NBA Champion's Boston Celtics General Manager. Having received much of the same training, myself, I can vouch for a lifelong training record by the LDS church and can assert that this has greatly influenced Ainge. From weekly meetings, to monthly training sessions, leadership is ingrained in every individual in the church. Is it any wonder that leaders of government (from national to local), corporations, entertainment and otherwise are LDS members? It's a natural extension of our lifestyle.

What LDS individuals do you know and in what position of leadership do they serve?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Do Americans Believe?

Can you believe it? According to this post, 92% of Americans believe there is a God or higher Spirit. And no surprise, Californians are low on the percentages and many believe the entertainment industry weakens the resolve of the believer.

Here's a thought: turn off the TV and be choosy on what you let into your home and spiritual self. No one is forcing you to get sucked into the Hollywood scene.

What flavor of belief do you have?

Who Exactly Are the Mormons?

Ever wonder exactly who the Mormons are and what they believe? Do they really live what they preach?

Click here for a fairly comprehensive breakdown of important lifestyle issues like values, education, worship, family, organization and community.

What did you think a Mormon really was and do you know any?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Geek Squad City Staffers Compared to Mormon Missionaries

Jump on over to my post at HansonHarmony-tech to see how CNET's Geek Gestalt writer Dan Terdiman compares the Geek Squad City Staffers to Mormon Missionaries. Nice short plug for the LDS missionary.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Argentine Soccer Star Pauses Career for Mormon Mission

I think it's great to see good press for the church and when it relates to soccer, even better. This young man is pausing his stellar career to serve the Lord on a mission for the LDS church. How many can say they would be willing to sacrifice the fame and glory, especially in soccer which is world-wide fame, for 2 years in the service of their God? Hit the link above to find out why. It's in espanol so for you english readers you may need a translator.

Bible Camp for LDS Kids?

I've posted something many outside of the south may find controversial for an LDS family. You can read more about it here.

The gist of it is my kids are enjoying camps at other churches that teach only the Bible. Is this cause for alarm? Are the Hanson's leaving the LDS church? Heavens no. My faith has not waivered nor is it. My kids are stronger for embracing the teachings (well monitored mind you) of fellow Christians in the DFW area.

A helpful spiritual diet of Book of Mormon reading and daily family prayer keeps our kids going down the path we choose to lead them. But ultimately, there will come a time in their lives when they must develop and stand on their own testimony (witness in generic Christian speak) of God, His Son, and the Church that aligns best with what the Spirit is dictating to their souls. For me, that is the LDS faith and I testify that the Spirit has borne witness to me that this is Christ's Church. As for my children, may they reach the same conclusion by the same Spirit.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Church Tolerable Despite Sprained Foot

Saturday night I sprained what I believe to be my right foot which sent alarms of discomfiture sitting through meetings yesterday at church. However, despite the pain, the services were really quite nice and I felt the Spirit take me away from my pain and helped me focus on more holy agendas. For more on how the sprain occurred, see

For more on my church, see

Friday, June 6, 2008

Hanson Harmony on Church

A fair amount of my posts are related to religious or church topics and I think for the sake of clarity and organization that it's time to split out my main blog into a sub-blog (if you will) for strictly church or religious related entries. Hence, the Hanson Harmony on Church blog is born. Long live the new blog.