Friday, April 16, 2010

Healing Blessings: Faith of the Giver and Receiver

Recently I've experienced the fruits of healing blessings and wanted to share not the details but the reality of Christ's power in our lives. He said that signs of those that believe "shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover" ( The individuals that he referenced as those that believe should be clarified as two sets of individuals: the ordained that is authorized to exercise Christ's name and the receiver of the blessing. Both are required to have faith for the efficacy of the blessing to be fully realized.

In the past month I've seen where blessings have been administer in faith and been received by faith to the healing, sometimes immediately, of the receiver. I've also seen where an unauthorized believer laid hands on an individual and the effects were negligible. God has a pattern and working contrary to that pattern yields no fruit. The pattern of which I write is embodied within his Holy Priesthood.

Why do we seek blessings of health and how does it help our spiritual, which more explicitly is eternal, progress? When our temporal, or physical needs are met, do we not begin to draw upon spiritual matters, insights and look to God for more light and knowledge? When we're ailing can we effectively carry forth His kingdom and work His work? Ailments are at times for the trial of our faith, both those that care for the sick and the sick themselves. How we acknowledge our God and believe in His Son is what enables our faith to overcome our trial.

This last year my wife struggled (and still struggles) with the passing of her mother who fought the degenerative disease of Multiple Sclerosis for 35 yrs. As a recipient of healing blessings, the most gracious blessing of all for her could be categorized as the release of her mortal body from her spirit from this earthly existence. But those of us that have remained behind can certainly wonder why the effects of healing blessings didn't alter her divine destiny. With her trial came enormous blessings that far outlive her mortal existence. With her trial she literally touched hundreds of lives. Caregivers were preached to, given opportunities to come unto Christ. Faithful friends and family saw firsthand how her life was turned for good through a debilitating trial. One could see that the work of healing was more spiritual than physical and the effects of the healing were far reaching.

As my father's health fails him (he's back in the hospital fighting respiratory complications), I wonder what healing experiences he's had. I know he's blessed my life many times and provided for me a pattern in the Priesthood to exercise faith. I've seen the miracles extended from my hands in Christ which effected not only my faith but the well-being of others, both physically and spiritually. Will he receive the effects of Christ's love for his mortal healing? I pray so.

Healing blessings are one more evidence of Christ's love and goodness in our lives. Not only is His love shown through the receiver of the blessing, but through the faith of the giver can His love be felt.