Thursday, August 7, 2008

Roach Mormon to Compete in Olympics

Funny how small a world the LDS Church makes it especially through the wonders of world wide distribution of Mormon-centric news. On their newsroom site is an article (I subscribe to their RSS feed) about an Olympian that is set to compete in Beijing. Her last name is what caught my eye. Anyone with the name of Roach catches my eye as I have worked politically with that family and know of their fervor. When I read that the origin of the article was a composite from the Tacoma News Tribune and that the Roach sited was from Bonney Lake, Washington I knew I had the same family. Confirming this with the name of the husband being Dan, I knew I had worked along side Dan and had ridden back from Yakima, WA with Dan from the Washington State Republican convention as an 18 year old. Small world.

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