Saturday, September 13, 2008

Charitable Contributions of Nominee's Well Under God's Tithing Law Percentage

According to tax records reported from up to the last decade of presidential and vice-presidential nominees from the country's two major parties, there is a serious deficiency in charitable contributions. One can look at the small percentages and see that none of the nominees, with the exception of perhaps McCain, if he contributed his tithes, are following God's law of the Tithe. God requires a tenth (10%) of income to be donated to the building up of His Kingdom. All 4 nominees are "god-fearing" individuals yet none are following this sacred law that has existed since at least the time of Abraham.

So here is my concern: in a time when leaders profess to follow God's commands and profess Christ's name, what does it say about their personal integrity when they do not follow such a basic law of sacrifice and charitable goodness? How can we expect these leaders to rule over us when they themselves do not follow the same laws they profess to uphold? What does it say about a candidate that is unwilling to contribute to charitable offerings, especially God's Kingdom, yet claim to have the answers to our nation's poverty and welfare problems?

I think it should be interesting to hear responses to their neglect in the charitable donation category especially when each are in the highest income brackets and none are struggling financially, nor will they in their lifetime. The people, us, must hold them responsible for their neglect.

What's your opinion on the obvious lack of interest in charitable contributions by our nation's nominees for the highest executive offices in the land?

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Russell Earl Kelly, PHD said...

That same OT tithing law of Numbers 18 required those who received tithe to forfeit all land and property inheritance. Do you teachor live that?

There was a necessary change of the tithing law of Hebrews 7:5 according tdo 7:12 and that change was its abolishment in 7:18in favor of NT principloes in 7:19,

NT giivng is freewill, sacrificial, genersous, joyful, not of commandment and motivated by love for
God and man. That is enough.