Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Urban Development Esthetically Pleasing for SLC

Salt Lake City, and particularly the LDS Church, has been on the offensive for years regarding historical and urban development decisions. From the Hotel Utah restoration to downtown revitalization, city planning has always been debatable and the Church is usually at the heart of the attacks.

The latest construction project is called City Creek Center and includes not only retail shops but offices and residences. The ecological hook of this project seems to be the flowing, though seemingly manufactured, creek through the center of the 20 acres/3 blocks. The concept of open spaces with natural creeks, shrubs, plants and trees surrounding the environment has help to target this construction project as an "exceptional faith-based environmental initiative" by the Sierra Club.

Click below for an artist's 3D rendering of this alluring landscape.

What do you think? I'm ready to take another visit.

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KJ said...

we've been really excited about this project from the word "Go" and utterly frustrated by former Mayor/Idiot Rocky Anderson's roadblocks. SLC has such a clean, accessible downtown with lots to offer; I hope this project breathes new life into local businesses and downtown in general.