Wednesday, October 8, 2008

LDS Church Announces More Temple Locations

It's always exciting to hear announcements about new temple locations and to see urban location sites announced shows just how necessary the higher ordinances of the temple are to all peoples in all lands. Temples are becoming more accessible and this is in direct fulfillment of prophecy.

Temples announced:

  • Philadelphia, PA (USA)
  • Kansas City, MO (USA)
  • C√≥rdoba, Argentina
  • Calgary, Canada
  • Rome, Italy
Do you have a temple nearby? Which one and how far away is it from you?


jennbare said...

You are amazing. I love this blog. Way to live what you believe!

Lisa said...

Yup. The Provo temple is 20 minutes away. Michael and I both attend once a week (M as a temple worker, L as a patron)- we love it! :) But we're keeping our fingers crossed for a Spanish Fork temple soon (our hometown). No announcements yet, but we can still dream, right!?

How about you? How close is your temple?