Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Media Always Tries to Spin News In Opposition Direction From Truth

I find it interesting that most forms of media, especially news outlets, attempt to build drama in the interest of selling articles. The reality of reporters writing articles that spin seemingly indisputable facts in the opposite direction from actual truth seems to be a job description.

Case in point, the AP recently reported that LDS missionaries posed shirtless for a calendar. There were a number of seemingly accurate details in the article yet the LDS church points to some contributing details that debunk the article. While the premise was correct, the fact that LDS missionaries posing shirtless is actually false. the models were former missionaries, the calendar's creator is no longer a member of the church and the AP falsely reported the story.

Is this an isolated case? No. As readers, as members of organization where impacts may be felt, and in the interest of accepting higher quality reporting we need to express our concern with this type of lazy reporting.

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